CannaSwissCup: The 35 best Swiss CBD cannabis strains have been selected

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The preselection of the best varieties of Swiss CBD cannabis by a VIP jury took place on Sunday 16 January. The 73 varieties submitted to the competition have been tested beforehand to detect the presence of nicotine, pesticides, mycotoxins and synthetic cannabinoids. 11 varieties were excluded from the CannaSwissCup 2021/22 due to the detection of pesticide residues not authorized by the regulations of the CannaSwissCup association.

The 11 members of the VIP jury, made up of international experts in growingmedia and three consumer representatives from the three linguistic regions of Switzerland (German-speaking Switzerland, Ticino and Romandie) met on January 16 in the Absinthbar in Solothurn for a day among VIP experts.

The coded varieties – only their category (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse) was known – were evaluated according to appearance, aroma and taste. The 17 best indoor strains, the 10 best outdoor strains and the 8 best greenhouse-grown strains have been selected and will be part of the box jury for the CannaSwissCup 2021/22, available from Tuesday 1 February in hemp stores throughout the Switzerland as well as on

All the varieties submitted to the competition have been analyzed in an SCC laboratory (Swiss Certified Cannabis) on their CBD, CBG and THC content and – apart from the analysis of pesticides and mycotoxins – were also checked for the possible presence of synthetic cannabinoids. All of the strains entered in the competition had a THC content below 1% and none of the strains entered had any nicotine or mycotoxin residues.

No traces of synthetic cannabinoids found

However, 11 varieties were excluded because they contained pesticide residues. This shows that most of the Swiss CBD sector works cleanly and carefully, despite the lack of regulation. Since pesticide limit values ​​have not yet been defined for cannabis, the organizers of the CannaSwissCup demand that a zero tolerance for pesticides must be observed for the CannaSwissCup, as is for example the case for market gardening.

In addition, the organizers point out that the problem of pesticides and synthetic cannabinoids is much greater in the case of illegal cannabis than in that of legal CBD cannabis and that a rapid regulation of the cannabis market is necessary and judicious.

How is the best grass chosen?

Any adult residing in Switzerland can acquire a jury box and thus participate in the choice of the best Swiss CBD weed 2021/22. A trip to Amsterdam will be chosen among the participants. In addition, the box jury includes two day passes for the CannaTrade 2022, where the CannaSwissCup Awardshow will take place on Saturday, May 21, 2022

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