Which aluminum should you choose to prepare your hookah?

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It’s essential: to light your hookah, you will absolutely need aluminum. However, there are several types, which can make choosing difficult. In this article, we will explain to you how to choose your aluminum to light your Hookah.

The different types of aluminum for hookahs

Depending on the type of preparation desired, you will need to choose thin or thick aluminum. Here’s how to choose your aluminum sheets. The idea is to offer you a solution, but you are free to experiment and choose the best method.

Lighting with natural charcoal

To light your Hookah with natural charcoal, you will need thick aluminum for so-called “overpacking” lighting. Conversely, for “underpacking”, you can use thin aluminum. Be careful, if you want more intense heating, in any case opt for thick aluminum.

Ignition with a self-igniting charcoal

Since it heats up less, it is advisable to use thin aluminum and a aluminum hole puncher with this type of coal. Pre-cut or XL perforated aluminum is therefore ideal.

Provost style lighting

Just as with natural charcoal, you will have to adapt the type of aluminum to the preparation and the desired heating. In overpack, with 22 mm cubed or flat coals, opt for thick aluminum or failing that, two pre-cut aluminum sheets. In underpack, with the same type of coal, or even with 25 mm cubes, take fine aluminum.

Russian lighting

Russian lighting requires an NA Grani instead of the Provost. It heats up much more and therefore, you should use thick aluminum or two pre-cut sheets, otherwise the tobacco risks burning too quickly.

German ignition

The same goes for German-style ignition. However, it will be necessary to divert the function of the heating system by placing the grid on the aluminum sheet and use a Turkish clay hearth or another hearth.

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