What is CBN?

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A cannabis plant is made up of several elements. Some have been studied extensively by researchers for a long time and are popular with consumers, including CBD, THC, and CBG. Today, it is a new cannabinoid that is talking about it: CBN, cannabinol.

What is cannabinol?

As the name suggests, cannabinol comes from cannabis. It is on the long list of cannabinoids from this plant, but this sets it apart from those partners. THC, CBG, and CBD are naturally derived from the plant. CBN only appears after a certain process. So how do you get CBN? Cannabinol is produced by the decarboxylation of THC under the effect of heat and exposure to oxygen. Basically, CBN is present as an acid in the plant, CBNa. It is very related to THC, without it CBN cannot exist. To obtain it, the only solution is therefore to heat and oxygenate the THC. The origins of CBN therefore come from cannabis plants, but more specifically, THC.

Much less well known than other cannabinoids, CBN is just starting to interest researchers. Subjected to a lot of research and testing, cannabinol presents itself as a very promising molecule. Over the course of research, it has been found to have real medical and therapeutic potential.

The effects of CBN on our body: good or bad?

Researchers announce that CBN has therapeutic virtues and has medical potential. What are the real effects on our body? What are the effects that a consumer can experience? And above all, are there no side effects? As we know, CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties and can be a solution for people with insomnia. THC, on the other hand, has many side effects, so it is regulated in many countries. CBD products sold in France cannot exceed 0.2% THC, for example. So when is it for CBN?

Since CBN comes from THC, these two molecules are very close. However, two things differentiate them. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBN does not bind well to endocannabinoid receptors in our body, but can still provide many benefits after consumption. The second difference, and not the least, CBN is very close to THC, but is not psychoactive. By consuming it, you will feel the same sensations as consuming THC without having the bad effects of the latter.

CBN, a help in the face of several diseases

After consuming THC, you often have a strong appetite. It’s exactly the same with CBN. Cannabinol stimulates the appetite and at the same time reduces vomiting and nausea. People affected by anorexia can find in this molecule a solution to get out of it and to live better. Some treatments have included this molecule and it seems to work well. A few people, or even a few bacteria, may be resistant to taking antibiotics. In some cases, CBN can replace them by acting in a targeted manner on many bacteria. Just like its neighbor CBD, it is credited with anti-inflammatory properties allowing it to relieve pain via powerful analgesic effects.

Numerous studies have been carried out in order to understand all the effects felt by the body following the intake of this molecule. Studies are still underway to investigate certain benefits, in particular the benefits discovered on people with asthma. Indeed, CBN could be used as an anti-asthmatic. Other pathologies are also closely studied. Glaucoma patients to see in this molecule a solution to eye pressure.

It has been known for many years that cannabis and most of these cannabinoids have an effect on sleep. Insomniacs consume it in order to overcome their problem and to sleep well at night. In fact, CBN is the cannabinoid for sleep. It is this resemblance to THC that would be of great help to people with insomnia.

CBN, a cannabinoid different from others

Research on CBN is ongoing. Researchers do not yet know all of its benefits and harms. For now, this molecule seems really promising, see even more promising than CBD. But that remains a guess. Research on CBD is much more advanced, so it is difficult to compare these two cannabinoids. It is still possible to compare CBN to THC. Two molecules that are very close and at the same time very different. THC is a powerful psychoactive agent that can induce psychotropic effects and have a very negative impact on body and mind, in the long term. In France, it is forbidden to consume THC, it is classified among narcotics. CBN is derived from THC, but remains a harmless component.

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