What is CBG?

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In France, it is now possible to buy and consume CBD legally. It is known that in some products derived from cannabis, there is CBD and, for it to be legal, a level of less than 0.2% THC. But other molecules are present in these products, less known and less popular molecules, yet very important and with a strong impact. Today we are going to tell you about one of them, the CBG.

CBG, a cannabinoid from plants

CBG, also called cannabigerol, is called a phytocannabinoid. What is a phytocannabinoid? There are two types of cannabinoids: those produced by the body, endocannabinoids, and those produced by plants, phytocannabinoids. CBG is present in cannabis, it is even an essential molecule in cannabis. It is the first cannabinoid to develop. He is responsible for creating CBD, THC, and other molecules that grab the attention of researchers and consumers.

It remains little known, as it is present at around 1% in all varieties of hemp. For some time now, scientists have taken a different turn on it. Playing a major role in the production of other molecules, producing an effect on the human organism and showing differences from other cannabinoids, it is important to study it closely to know it better.

A minor cannabinoid that becomes a “stem cell”

Put aside and yet very important, researchers today know it, CBG is a “parent” cell, a “cannabinoid stem cell”. Without it, CBD and THC, the most famous and widely used molecules, would not exist. Have you ever heard of cannabinoid biosynthesis? Within the raw plant, all cannabinoids are present as acids. Exposed to a high temperature, the plant and its molecules will undergo decarboxylation. It is at this moment that a carboxyl group will withdraw from each molecule, that the THCA will transform into THC, the CBDA into CBD and the CBGA into CBG.

Its rate is at its maximum at the time of flowering of cannabis. When these three molecules take their cannabinoid form, that’s when we appreciate them in flower, wax or oil. CBG is still on the sidelines, but recent research shows promising potential. It is possible that in the years to come, we will hear a lot more about it, and consume it in the desired way for its benefits.

The different effects of CBG on the body

Studies to learn more about the effects of CBG have been conducted in rats. In 2016 and 2017, results showed that CBG increases appetite. When you use cannabis, after a few minutes or hours, you often have a much stronger appetite than usual. This would therefore be due to this particular molecule. In addition to the gluttonous effect, CBG would have the ability to prevent the growth of certain tumors, or to have neuroprotective effects.

Some doctors claim that it has antidepressant and antifungal effects. So far, little research and few studies have been done, none have yet been done on humans. We are therefore still in the dark about the real benefits, and harms, of CBG on the body.

CBG in products sold legally

The products sold legally in France, we know, are very followed and dosed in a certain way. There is a maximum percentage of THC to be respected and the CBD takes the top in order to bring all its benefits to the consumers. As for CBG, is it found in these products? In dry plant matter, CBG is present in trace amounts. The manufacturers of these products are starting to take an interest in them and look for solutions to optimize the levels of CBG in their products (oils, balms, food supplements, etc.).

Researchers and product manufacturers know that CBG is an essential ingredient. However, they do not yet know how to use it or how to enhance it to bring out the most useful and pleasant effects for people who consume CBD, THC and CBG products.

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