What has Dinafem left to Silent Seeds?

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If the Silent Seeds seed bank is quite recent, it takes over from Dinafem, the first of the feminized seed banks to set up in Spain. At the end of the 1990s, the peninsula saw the development of a strong cannabis industry capable of competing with that of the Netherlands. In particular, it has developed new types of seeds such as AutoFem, autoflowering and feminized seeds that have been exported all over the world.

A look back at the history of a Spanish seed bank which made the heyday of European cannabis and spread all over the world, then gave all its strength to Silent Seeds.

The birth of Dinafem

Dinafem was born in 2005 from the meeting of several growers and breeders. These people had been cultivating, experimenting and creating new varieties already since the late 80s, and obviously working to create the best genetics, the most exclusive and the most difficult to work with at the time.

Around 2001, these people realized that some of the strains they had produced were much better than many of the strains circulating through existing Dutch seedbanks. They then decided it was time to create their own seed bank.

Dinafem’s achievements

Dinafem, for Dynamique Féminisée, is above all known for having been pioneer in the sale of feminized seeds

To obtain these precious seeds, Dinafem has always worked from elite clones, pampered in indoor rooms where the climate is controlled and ventilated in such a way as to maximize the pollination process while avoiding cross-pollination.

To obtain a feminized seed, Dinafem crossed female plant clones with other female plant clones. This is done by changing sex to one of the female plants so that it can produce pollen, and then pollinating the recipient female plant. Both plants are female and therefore both give female XX genes to the progeny.

Dinafem's Critical

Dinafem’s Critical

The main advantage of feminized seeds is the guarantee that the resulting plant will be female, which saves the grower from wasting time and energy in a male plant that will have to be eliminated later. Moreover, with a homogeneous feminized population, the grower does not have to worry about unwanted pollination, which guarantees a high quality floral result.

When feminized seeds appeared in the 2000s, some had problems with quality and sexual instability, with a lot of hermaphroditic plants. Dinafem was able to solve this problem and come up with stable seeds, which have the potential to truly produce 99.9% female cannabis plants.

Dinafem’s first seed catalog contained Power Kush, California Hashplant, Blue Hash, White Widow, Blue Widow, Critical+ and later Moby Dick, the strains from which everything was created. then legendary at home.

Other companies then sprung up and eventually feminized seeds grew in popularity until they became the norm rather than the exception, to the point that they relegated regular seeds to a market share of just 10%. %.

In 2009, the company began researching the development and stabilization of new feminized autoflowering varieties, which also had a very bad reputation at the time. Roadrunner was the first and, as happened with feminized strains, Dinafem’s autoflowering seeds were also hugely successful, making these little plants very popular and productive. Especially with their latest Auto XXL collection, whose plants are closer to a photoperiod variety, so big are they, and with an XXL production for the category.

Dinafem's Moby-DickDinafem's Moby-Dick

Dinafem’s Moby-Dick

Dinafem has also done a lot for the CBD strain development. The company realized the potential of these low-to-no psychotropic strains early on and bet on this cannabinoid by starting an intense breeding process. Legendary genetics were crossed with a pure elite line of CBD and as the analyzes progressed, several varieties with cannabinoid ratios in favor of CBD were able to be stabilized. Some have also retained the original taste and flavor properties of the varieties on which they are based, for example the OG Kush CBD, but with more CBD than THC.

The first varieties rich in CBD appeared in their catalog as early as 2015: Critical Mass CBD, Shark Shock CBD and Moby Dick CBD. In 2017, Dinafem launches Dinamed CBD, the first non-psychoactive strain from Dinafem Seeds, is released with 15% CBD and 1% THC.

With the legalization of hemp in the United States in 2018, Dinafem was one of the first European seed banks to export its seeds for the hemp sector, with Bubba Kush Hemp, a variety with -0.3% THC from a cross with Bubba Kush CBD.

In 2020, Dinafem presented its CBD flower brand, which was developed in collaboration with the Italian association THCBD. 3 different varieties have been created for the Italian market, with a THC level below 0.5%, the maximum level in Italy.

THCBD by DinafemTHCBD by Dinafem

THCBD by Dinafem

With the development of the popularity of American varieties in Europe, Dinafem had to cross the Atlantic to see what was going on! Already in 2011, Dinafem’s catalog was expanded to include popular American cannabis strains. OG Kush, Dinachem, Bubba Kush and Purple Afghan Kush offered opportunities that had seemed impossible for the Spanish seed bank. Then Sour Diesel, Cookies, Gorilla… came out, and Dinafem not only made the feminized version of these strains, but also autoflowering and other versions.

The American adventure thus gave rise to the Humboldt range by Dinafem and collaborations with local breeders such as Sherbinski.

Dinafem awards

Since its creation in 2005, Dinafem has stood out for the high quality and reliability of its cannabis seeds. Dinafem varieties have accumulated awards and distinctions in the various Cannabis Cups around the world or from the readers of specialized magazines:

  • In 2010, the Moby Dick was elected by the readers of Soft Secrets “Girl of the Year 2010”. It is the first non-Dutch variety to obtain this award.
  • Dinafem won the Best Seed Bank award at Expogrow 2013
  • In 2015 Bubba Kush won 1st place at the Copa Cannabis for Best Outdoor Strain
  • Remo Chemo, a 20% THC indica, is listed among the top 10 strains of 2017 by High Times magazine
  • and many others…

The continuation of the adventure…

In September 2020, a police intervention shocked the entire cannabis industry. Dinafem was the subject of a police raid on several of its facilities and found itself prosecuted for its activities as seed companies and its communication even though it had been operating openly for 15 years in the sector.

Waiting for the continuation for the Dinafem entity, the plants continued on their way and migrated to the stable of Silent Seeds. So don’t be surprised to find the same genetics there ?

You can follow Silent Seeds on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website.

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