Vape now in the majority in the United Kingdom

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According to the Eurobarometer 2020, the number of smokers in the UK has been falling for more than 5 years. On the other hand, the number of vapers continues to increase. After the phenomenon of vaping in France, this is how the UK and Scotland became the first vaping pioneers in Europe?

A strong campaign in favor of vaping

The UK government has always strongly encouraged the use of e-cigarettes. Many initiatives have been launched by the authorities, but the Stoptober (the month without tobacco) was the one that had the most effects. Then, the arrival of the electronic cigarette was an important lever. For 5 years, the number of smokers has continued to decline in the country, as well as in Scotland.

In 2019, around 3 million adult smokers had switched to e-cigarettes. And the health authorities are full of praise on the subject, encouraging smokers to give up tobacco in favor of vaping.

The very strict production of e-liquids on the territory ultimately reinforces the feeling of consumer confidence. Brexit itself has failed to threaten the notoriety of vaping in the country. If the trend continues, the UK could become the first country to have completely eradicated tobacco in the near future.

Vape: for a one-way ticket to tobacco

Health authorities have discovered that smokers turning to e-cigarettes hardly ever return to tobacco. According to a study conducted by 4 researchers and published in the journal Addiction, that stopping smoking is twice as important in vapers than in smokers seeking to stop their smoking altogether.

This is how vaping has become a means of encouraging smokers to slow down, then stop smoking in favor of electronic cigarettes, without a substitute. In the United Kingdom, the second largest vaping market after the United States, tobacco companies are no longer making a fortune.

Many events are also organized around vaping, such as the Vaper Expo UK, being one of the largest gatherings in Europe, bringing together no less than 300 exhibitors and attracting 20,000 visitors over just 3 days.

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