The most expensive Zippo in the world

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As with almost all objects or accessories, some models stand out. Without really knowing why, they sometimes become symbols of an era or of the reputation of a brand and are snapped up at exorbitant prices. Zippo lighters are no exception to the rule. Here are the most expensive Zippo in the world.

The most expensive lighter in the world is not a Zippo

A few years ago, the most expensive lighter in the world was none other than the Dunhill Golden Apogee, the first butane gas lighter created in only 50 copies. Each sold for $13,000. However, it was dethroned by ST Dupont’s Louis XIII Fleur de Parme, which was sold to Steven Hung, a history-loving Hong Kong billionaire, for the modest sum of 500,000 euros.

The second lighter was designed in jadeite and silver stones. It is also a lighter and ashtray duo with rather extravagant dimensions. This set sold for $254,000! To close the top 3 of the most expensive lighters in the world, let’s find the famous Fabergé Imperial lighter. Note that it can also be used as a pocket lighter, it costs no less than 136,000 dollars.

The most expensive Zippo in the world

What are the most expensive Zippo lighters?

In the Zippo family, the most expensive model is none other than the exceptional Windbreaker celebrating the 75th anniversary of the brand. Indeed, designed in 2007, it displays rather sober lines, but features the number 75 inlaid with a yellow flame on its main face. This lighter has the particularity of lighting up in all weathers, by protecting the flame from air and wind, hence its name. It sold for 37,000 euros.

In second place comes the famous Zippo 1933. Without frills, or even precious metal, it owes its notoriety and its ranking as the 10th most expensive lighter in the world to its sentimental value. Indeed, fans of the brand know that this is the very first Zippo lighter to have been made. It sold for $18,000 to an unnamed collector. Zippo Windbreaker.

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