CBD Farm Attacks CBD Farms

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In a Facebook post published on their page and relayed massively by Mr Mondialization (1.6 million followers), Le Chanvre du Griffoul, a small CBD farm in the Tarn, recounts its misadventures.

Last Wednesday, small agricultural production received a visit from a bailiff who gave them a summons to appear in Albi court on May 26. The dispute concerns La Ferme du CBD’s request to remove the mention “CBD farm” from the Chanvre du Griffoul website.

La Ferme du CBD, a company specializing in the distance selling of CBD products, is owned by the Swiss holding company Audacia Group and is probably one of the Top 10 CBD e-commerce players in France.

The Swiss company is seeking €126,000 in damages, plus €5,000 per day if the terms “CBD farm” remain on the Chanvre de Griffoul site, which, as explained in their Facebook post, barely releases €50,000 per year once the taxes have been paid.

Le Chanvre du Griffoul is not the only target of the legal department of La Ferme du CBD. Many other brands and competitors reportedly received similar emails and removed the requested notices according to Hemp.

Le Chanvre du Griffoul, 4 former Yellow Vests, believes in the resistance that she considers logical and fair. She claims La Ferme du CBD’s marketing tactics mislead customers into thinking they are buying CBD products directly from a farm. Le Chanvre insists that it is the CBD producers who are harmed by the actions of La Ferme du CBD.

Le Chanvre du Griffoul has received support from colleagues in the sector who have also received emails from the legal department of La Ferme du CBD. They are appealing to gather documents and evidence to build a strong case against the company.

They believe that this trial is an opportunity to shed light on the methods of appropriation employed by La Ferme du CBD and to seek justice against what they perceive as a liberal monster. They express their determination and their confidence in the continuation of the case.

We have contacted the CBD Farm and are awaiting their response.

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