New York doctors can now prescribe medical cannabis for any pathology

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As New York prepares to launch its adult cannabis market, theOffice of Cannabis Management (OCM) of the state announced on January 24 a significant expansion of the existing medical cannabis program.

Now doctors will be able to issue prescriptions for medical cannabis for any medical condition they believe can be treated with cannabis, rather than relying on a list of specific eligible conditions. This change is mandated by the state Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (Marihuana Regulation & Taxation ActMRTA), which legalized cannabis for adult use last year.

“It’s great to see the medical cannabis program expanding so significantly with the launch of the new certification and registration program and the ability for practitioners to determine eligibility requirements as provided by the MRTA. “, said Tremaine Wright, president of the Cannabis Control Board (CCB), in a press release.

“The new cannabis industry is taking shape as we continue to implement the MRTA and provide New Yorkers with greater access to medicine that we are learning more about every day,” Wright said. “We continue to move forward rapidly and today’s launch of the system builds on our achievements which already include adding the sale of whole flower medical products, permanently waiving the $50 fee for patients and the advancement of home cultivation regulations, among others. »

Last year, the CCB voted unanimously in favor of a policy change to allow patients in the state to grow medical cannabis for personal use.

“We will continue to implement the MRTA and ensure that all New Yorkers who can benefit from medical cannabis have the access they need. »

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