The Italian government wants to put Cannabis light under a monopoly

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The Italian government is attacking cannabis light again.

After twice trying to declare its ban through bills, plus a directive from the Ministry of the Interior ordering searches of all stores by passing it off as sensitizing dealers, the Meloni government is changing its strategy and wants impose a monopoly regime.

According to the Italian press agency Ansa, the Italian government has in fact tabled an amendment to the fiscal power of attorney in the Finance Committee which, in addition to “an authorization scheme by the Customs Agency for marketing”, provides for the prohibition online sales, the ban on sales to minors, the ban on advertising and the same taxation as for cigarettes.

A Monopoly for Light Cannabis

The text thus provides for the establishment of “a system of taxation of the cultivated parts of hemp” intended for use in “products to be smoked or inhaled”. Its marketing would be mainly reserved for “monopoly retailers” or specialized outlets with a monopoly sales license. Distance selling would also be banned, as would vending machines and advertising.

The marketing and sale could only be done through “approved tax warehouses”, “special vigilance measures” being provided for tax warehouses authorized to manufacture.

Finally, the same smoking bans will apply to CBD cannabis as those that already exist for cigarettes, for example in enclosed spaces, and warning labels on the health risks of consumption are also envisaged.

If the Italian cannabis media Dolce Vita recognizes the need to put in place a real regulation, he regrets that the stores which already sell light cannabis are excluded from the project and that the high taxation risks “cutting the legs of the sector”. In addition to a fundamental question: the sector has suffered years of lawsuits, with legal companies labeled as drug traffickers. For the media, “the least it deserves today is recognition of the mistakes made so far by politicians, who want to cover their own mistakes with a clean slate”.

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