The Italian government favors the decriminalization of cannabis

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In its annual report on drug addiction, the Italian government stressed the need to encourage decriminalization, review the current law and abandon the repressive model.

The 556-page report sent by the government to Parliament fully incorporates the discussions held at the National Conference on Addictions in Genoa last fall, commissioned by Minister Fabiana Dadone, responsible for anti-drug policies.

And the report’s findings, while not a direct statement, leave little doubt about the government’s support for the cannabis decriminalization bill currently before the Italian Assembly.

On page 516 of the report, marked with Wired Italyone can read how “the need to implement initiatives” aimed at overcoming the social stigma due to years of repressive policies towards consumers, increasing the integration of skills between health professionals and authorities , develop the participation of all actors interested in the phenomenon to reduce the risks associated with the use of substances, increase the flow of information to develop better policies, implement processes for evaluating the effectiveness of actions , identify the resources needed to solve the problem and, above all, “encourage decriminalization”.

The report even gives the method, namely “to revise the current law by moving from a repressive model to a model of governance and social regulation of the phenomenon, and by exempting from criminal prosecution certain illicit behaviors, envisaged by article 73, while re-examining the system of sanctions and excluding the mandatory nature of arrest in flagrante delicto. »

Riccardo Magi, president of the Più Europa party, explains to DolceVitaOnline that “these words follow, with all due respect to Salvini and Meloni, the objectives of the bill that I first signed on home cultivation”.

“In reality, the report’s suggestions even go beyond our text, providing for example for the decriminalization of the sale of small amounts when it takes place for non-profit purposes. From now on, the right has no more excuses, Parliament can and must take up the issue and vote. The discussion in the hemicycle will resume in the coming days, it’s the moment of truth. Voters will finally be able to understand who is using this theme for propaganda purposes and who is seriously fighting for change.”

Supporters of the project for the legalization of self-cultivation hope that it can be voted on by the Chamber of Deputies before the summer to continue in the Senate in September when parliamentary work resumes.

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