Agrican rhymes hemp with excellence

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In the heart of Weppes, 20 minutes from Lille, Agrican has settled, a cooperative of farmers and hemp workers dedicated to creating a French center of excellence around legal cannabinoids.

From the outside of the farm, there is nothing to suggest that the company grows 3,000 hemp plants in outdoors and 10,000 feet under glass. The latter benefit from top-of-the-range installations whose light support and CO2 or heating supply reproduce the growth cycles and allow 3 to 4 harvests to be made per year. Agrican now harvests 2 tonnes of flowers per year, with cultivation carried out in an organic, responsible and transparent manner.

A multi-faceted expertise

Agrican obviously pays great attention to the cultivation of hemp plants. The good growth of the plant is found ultimately in harvest and in cannabinoid levels. Once detached from their stem, slow and controlled drying perfects the organoleptic and visual qualities of the flowers before being ripened to develop their full potential.

The result is flowers that are certainly airy for those grown outdoors, hemp remains hemp, but olfactorily interesting with natural CBD levels between 5 and 10%. We will retain from our tasting:

  • Orange Bud (outdoor), whose orange flavors form a marked olfactory reminder
  • the Chocolope (greenhouse) which navigates between sweetness and coffee
  • the Orange Sorbet (greenhouse) with its pretty flowers containing 14.9% CBD, certificate in support!
  • the Gelato (outdoor) which under its purplish looks and small buds develops 10.9% CBD and powerful smells of spices and pine

However, Agrican’s agricultural expertise is not limited to a qualitative cultivation of hemp. Everything that will not be sold in the form of flowers, to specialized shops or individuals, will be ground into biomass for the extraction carried out by their partner Green Exchange Lab. This allows them to offer French CBD extracts, in crude oilin isolate or distillate, and to go as far as the manufacture of finished products such as CBD or CBG oils, vape pen or even cosmetic products, in white label or for their distribution network.

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