A Swiss study reveals the typical portrait of the CBD consumer

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The Swiss CBD industry publishes a study to better understand its customers. In this country authorizing Cannabis with 1% THC, this document comes to draw the robot portrait of the purchaser. In Switzerland, the average consumer of flowers and CBD oil is a rather young man, with a higher education, with a rather high standard of living. He is quite familiar with cannabidiol, although he is not an expert. Finally, this average customer is a fairly recent user of this substance.

This study, funded by the Swiss CBD economic players, is based on 1290 responses obtained online by consumers from around fifty brands. Those who responded to the survey received in exchange for their participation a 15% voucher in partner stores. “The information contained in this study does not claim to be complete or exhaustive”, therefore warns the company Uweed, a sponsor alongside the Swiss Chanvre Community of Interest.

THEThe average CBD user would have a fairly high level of education. In fact, almost half of Swiss respondents (41%) have a university or higher education diploma (Bachelor, Master or doctorate) ”, observes the document. The average consumer is therefore much more educated than the Swiss national average of 31%.

Men consume flowers, women consume oil

This composite portrait is also marked by the strong over-representation of men. Two-thirds of consumers (66%) who responded to the survey are men, compared to only 31% women. No wonder, since cannabis remains socially marked in the masculine. Even though a few brands of CBD try to break these codes.

Consumption is very different depending on the sex. Men consume 68% CBD flowers and 38% oil. In women, the share of grass is in the minority (35%) and that of the dominant oil (71%). A sign which proves that the fact of smoking CBD flowers remains very associated with masculine codes.

Unsurprisingly, consumers are rather young… without being very young adults. Thus, the largest share (31%) of customers are between 31 and 40 years old. Next come the 18-30 year olds (26%), then the 41-50 year olds (21%), the 51-60 year olds (12%) and finally the age group over 60 (10%).

Finally, the standard of living is rather average. 38% earn less than 3,800 euros per month, but this figure should be put into perspective, as wages and the cost of living are high in Switzerland. 29% of respondents receive between 3,800 euros and 7,600 euros per month, which corresponds approximately to the average Swiss salary. 16% are really wealthy, with a salary in excess of 7,600 euros per month.

Finally, recreational cannabis (high in THC) remains closely associated with CBD users. Of course, half of the respondents say they do not consume substances other than cannabidiol. But of the other half who take other drugs, 47% smoke THC in addition to CBD. However, the consumption of CBD products lowers the consumption of THC in a quarter of users who combine “legal” and illegal cannabis.

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