The different shapes and sizes of rolling papers

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Choosing a rolling paper to make your cigarettes is not trivial. Depending on the characteristics, the taste of the tobacco can be modified. Let’s take a look at the different shapes and sizes of rolling papers.

The different sizes of rolling papers

There are no less than 6 models of rolling papers on the market. Depending on your preferences, it may be useful to choose one model over another.

  • Regular rolling papers (the standard model) measuring 68 x 34 mm
  • The slightly larger 1 ¼ rolling papers, measuring 76 x 45 mm
  • Rolling papers 1 ½ wider with a size of 76 x 60 mm
  • Double rolling papers which by definition have a double width 76 x 63 mm
  • King Size rolling papers measuring 100 x 55 mm
  • King Slim rolling papers are narrower and longer, i.e. 105 x 42 mm

The different shapes of rolling papers

While there are flavors on some rolling papers, there are also shapes. The most conventional is the rectangle, but there are also other models.

Cones and wrap

These are ideal solutions for smoking aromatic herbs and saving yourself the chore of rolling. However, some people also use them to smoke tobacco. These cones are available in several sizes.

Rolls sheets

Less widespread, but oh so practical, Rolls rolling papers are perfect for saving money. They are aimed at a rather experienced audience, already knowing how to roll a cigarette without any difficulty, practically with their eyes closed. Indeed, sold in roll form that you use as you wish. In fact, they are not pre-cut like traditional sheets, you are free to choose the desired model. So, no need to carry around with your numerous packs of leaves depending on your mood, you can now roll your cigarette, large or small as you wish!

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