Holigram and Paradise Seeds team up to experiment with legal cannabis in the Netherlands

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Two Dutch companies, whose roots in the cannabis industry date back to the early 1990s, have announced their partnership as part of the Dutch Coffeeshop Experimentthe experimentation with legal cannabis in the Netherlands.

The seed bank Paradise Seeds thus becomes the official genetic partner of Holigram, one of the ten approved producers selected by the Dutch government to supply coffeeshops with legal cannabis as part of the national experiment which will take place in 2024.

Paradise Seeds will supply Holigram with in-house genetics such as Dutch Dragon, Jacky White and Wappa, as well as newer varieties. Holigram, the only grower licensed to use Paradise Seeds genetics in this “experiment”, focuses on large-scale cultivation of high-quality, organic cannabis in a state-of-the-art 8,000 m² production facility. technology.

“Partnership brings together Dutch cannabis pioneers”

This partnership sees the coming together of two entities involved in the Dutch cannabis industry since the early 1990s. Between them, they have contributed to the development of the industry in the genetics and nutrient sectors.

Patrick Stevens, sales director of Holigram, describes the announcement as the coming together of two key players in the history of the Dutch cannabis industry: Luc Krol, owner of the genetic seed bank Paradise Seeds, and Jetze de Raad , founder of Biobizz fertilizer, and now head of the Dutch LP Holigram.

“For three decades, Jetze and Luc have led Dutch companies that have driven enormous change in the cannabis industry. So it’s fantastic, and entirely fitting, that their paths finally cross and unite in this Dutch legal experience. »

Luc Krol is the founder of Paradise Seeds, a breeder-owned cannabis genetic seed bank, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. He also created the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour Foundationwhich is currently funding a clinical trial on the use of medical cannabis in the treatment of cancer in Spain.

Jetze de Raad founded the organic fertilizer company Biobizz in 1992. In 2015 he established Laboraad, a research and consultancy laboratory that seeks to innovate sustainability in the horticulture and agriculture sector . A long-time advocate for a legal cannabis supply chain in the Netherlands, he created Holigram, which received a Dutch coffeeshop experimentation license in 2021.

Jetze’s entrepreneurial history is behind Holigram’s focus on sustainability. The cannabis will be 100% organic and the cultivation site has been built to reinforce this approach. The building does not contain (natural) gas, uses energy-efficient solar panels and LEDs, and has a water recycling system.

Proven genetics

Patrick Stevens explains that the advantage of using Paradise Seeds genetics lies in the reliability of the cannabis varieties, which have been stabilized for many years, which guarantees the consistency of the product in cultivation and the experience of the end consumer .

Although Paradise also provides newer varieties reflecting the “California” trend, the presence of “classic” genetics such as Wappa, Dutch Dragon and Original White Widow in crossing with American varieties Gelato and Cookies provides additional stability . “The best of both worlds,” says Patrick.

Luc Krol says: “Paradise Seeds was born out of the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene in the 1990s. It was there that I exchanged seeds with travelers from Asia and America to build my collection and develop the first genetic varieties from Paradise Seeds. »

“It was also in these coffeeshops that the final product was tested, and the feedback persuaded me to devote myself full time to the selection. So I’m delighted that Paradise Seeds varieties are back in coffeeshops. It is also a privilege to work with Holigram. It’s obvious that Jetze and I have been working for many years and have seen the industry change dramatically. Being part of this legal initiative in our own country, the Netherlands, is very exciting.”

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