Luxury accessories for smokers: which are the most popular?

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In the smoking universe, there are many useful accessories both for those who smoke the pipe and for the fans of cigars or cigarettes. But did you know that it was also possible to find luxury smoking accessories? Let’s take a quick look at these high-end products.

Luxury accessories for cigarette smokers

Some smokers like to roll their own cigarettes and therefore need special equipment to do so. Similarly, to light their cigarettes, they also need a lighter, but sometimes having a premium product also helps them stand out.

Did you know that there are luxury tubing machines, like the Art and Volutes model? For cheap and perfect cigarettes, this is an essential model! To carry your rolling tobacco everywhere, opt for a leather tobacco pouch. Some major brands offer beautiful high-end pieces, such as ST Dupont.

Luxury accessories for pipe smokers

Pipe smokers are generally seen as philosophers or intellectual people. This is why the accessories of the world of the pipe are in the image of the regulars. For example, what could be more majestic than a pipe-holder ashtray to rest the bouffarde between two palavers?! Of course, there are some at all prices and designed in many noble materials, such as wood.

Although the pipe itself is a luxury accessory depending on the manufacturer, you may also need a good lighter to light your mouthpiece. The Chacom, Corona and Savinelli brands are among the best known in the world for their beauty.

Luxury accessories for cigar smokers

It is in this universe that rare and posh objects are the most common. Indeed, the world of cigars is populated by beauties of all kinds, such as the accessories of the Peter Charles Paris brand and its high-end lighters.

Also find all the magnificence of the work of enthusiasts through cellars or cigar cabinets. The Adorini, Elie Bleu and ST Dupont brands are among the most popular.

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