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Here is the newcomer in the smoking universe: tobacco without additives. It would seem that this one is being emulated, especially among people seeking to wean themselves or to smoke more “naturally”. Let’s take stock of additive-free tobacco and its strengths.

Tobacco without additives: what is it?

Smoking is a bad habit that can have serious health consequences. Tobacco leaves are impregnated with chemicals during their growth, but also after, during drying, etc. Between pesticides (nicotine), solvents (toluene), rat poisons (acetone), radioactive gases (radon) and much more, there are no less than 4,000 additives, including 250 harmful to the health of smokers and 50 being clearly carcinogenic.

Smoking tobacco therefore causes serious respiratory diseases, impotence, cardiovascular disorders, and of course, lung cancer. This is how manufacturers have thought of removing all additives in tobacco to keep only the leaves in their raw state. This is what is then called additive-free tobacco. There are even organic and eco-responsible tobaccos!

Focus on tobacco without additives

Is tobacco without additives safe?

According to the title of its name, tobacco without additives is supposed to be pure. However, this is not entirely true. It still contains nicotine, lead, mercury, toluene and many other chemicals. Tobacco companies just removed a few additives, but still kept a lot of them.

Nevertheless, tobacco without additives remains a “healthier” product insofar as the additives responsible for tobacco addiction are discarded. For example, there is no sugar in this type of product. As everyone knows, sugar is an often processed food that is extremely addictive. In sum, smoking cigarettes without additives would be more appropriate for people seeking to quit smoking or for occasional smokers who do not wish to become dependent.

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