The diet to follow to quit smoking

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Many smokers worry about gaining weight when quitting. However, it is quite possible to say stop to cigarettes without compensating with food. Here is what type of diet to adopt to avoid weight gain while quitting smoking.

Why do we gain weight by quitting smoking?

On average, an ex-smoker will gain 4.5 kg. This is due to several factors, but mainly to the compensation towards food and especially sugar. By quitting smoking, the basic metabolism decreases by 4 to 16%, as well as the oxidation of fats. Similarly, nicotine influences certain hormones related to appetite as well as smell and taste which, once rid of this substance, become more exacerbated.

Quitting smoking therefore requires a food rebalancing to avoid weight gain. It is important to increase the intake of fiber and lean protein, but also nutrients. On the other hand, it is important to distribute the number of calories ingested over the day, while limiting the intake of additional sugars. Hydration also plays a very important role, as does including a sports activity in your daily life.

The diet to follow to quit smoking

Dietary recommendations to avoid gaining weight while quitting smoking

It is important to combine a protein source with a fiber source, for example: 1 yogurt with fresh fruit or 2 slices of ham with 2 brown rice cakes. Be careful, it is important to choose lean proteins and up to 15 g per meal.

Fiber should be consumed at the level of 25 to 30 g per day. They are found in fruits, cooked or raw vegetables, pasta and rice, bread and certain chewable fruits. Do not neglect the hydration which remains very important.

Finally, there is no diet without involving physical activity, even light. Strength training converts fat mass into muscle mass. Walking and cycling are also good ways to control your weight!

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