How to travel with your shisha?

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You are a fan of hookahs and you also travel a lot. Are you wondering if it was possible to travel with your shisha? The answer in this article !

Go on a trip with your shisha

If you like to smoke the shisha and you don’t want to deprive yourself of this little pleasure during your vacation, know that it is quite possible to travel with it. By car and by train, no particular problem. However, on a plane there are a few rules to follow.

Indeed, it is possible to travel with your shisha by plane. However, as everyone knows, checked baggage is often abused during storage and retrieval. The risk of breakage is increased. It is therefore very important to protect your shisha well in order to avoid any problem. For this, you can use bath towels to hold it well and especially think about putting it in a rigid suitcase.

There are also specific bags to carry your shisha in the hold and avoid many problems. That being said, it is also possible to travel with your shisha in hand luggage if you have a specific bag. Indeed, it will be well protected and not likely to be broken. Consider, however, the dimensions imposed by the airlines in terms of hand luggage.

How to travel with your shisha?

Warning: some components are prohibited

To make a shisha, you will inevitably need coal. And this is where it gets complicated since it is strictly forbidden to travel on a plane with coal! You can nevertheless transport it if it is stored in the hold. Let’s be clear: we are talking about coal and not self-combustible pancakes which, on the other hand, are totally prohibited, including in the hold!

Some people have been lucky enough to be able to pass with this type of combustible auto rounds in the hold, but be aware that in the event of a check, the agents are within their right to open your suitcase and confiscate these objects. And depending on where you travel, you risk having a very unpleasant moment!

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