Switzerland bans the latest synthetic cannabinoids (HHCP, THCP, H4CBD…)

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After the inclusion of several synthetic cannabinoids in the Narcotics Directory in spring 2023, the Federal Department of the Interior (FDI) added 10 individual substances and a group of additional substances on October 9, 2023, at the request of Swissmedic. fight against the abusive use of new synthetic substances as narcotics.

A group of synthetic cannabinoids as well as the individual substances HHCP, delta-9-THCP, delta-8-THCP, H4CBD and other substances are therefore subject to authorization in Switzerland from October 9, 2023 and cannot be manufactured, neither traded nor distributed. Authorizations may be requested for industrial and scientific use. Cannabinoids naturally found in the hemp plant, such as CBD, CBC and CBG, are not affected by the ban.

IG Hanf, the Swiss cannabis association, welcomed “the list of substances mentioned for the protection of citizens’ health as an important step. Likewise, the list has created greater legal certainty for distributors in Switzerland. The recurrent listing of synthetic and semi-synthetic cannabinoids shows that the problem has not been effectively addressed since 2011. Effective health protection can only be ensured in a regulated market for hemp and hemp-based products. hemp. »

“Reasonable cannabis regulation forms the basis for youth and consumer protection, quality assurance, the fight against the black market and the sustainable development of the Swiss hemp industry. »

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