The Chilean president promulgates an “anti-narco law” authorizing the self-cultivation of cannabis for medical use

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Chilean President Gabriel Boric has signed into law a new anti-narcotics bill that aims to prevent money laundering, promote the legalization of medical cannabis for personal use and strengthen penalties for those who supply drugs or weapons to children and adolescents.

The overall idea of ​​the law is to improve the prosecution of organized crime and to regulate the destination of seized assets. The objective is more specifically to stem the rise in homicides and curb organized crime as much as possible, in order to reconquer neighborhoods taken over by drug traffickers.

The situation of insecurity is one of the main concerns of Chilean citizens. According to Telam, President Boric will work to “ensure peace and security”.

“Chile will finally have a law that strengthens the prosecution of drug trafficking and organized crime, preventing these organizations and their members from enriching themselves by committing crimes,” he said.

Chile, against drug trafficking and in favor of cannabis growers

The new “law against drug trafficking” is at the top of the legislative agenda in terms of public security. It is presented by the Chilean executive and parliament as a response to the crisis the country is going through.

“This is a new impetus in our head-on fight against crime,” Boric said. He also indicated that in Chile the cultivation of medical cannabis is officially allowed. This culture must be prescribed by a doctor and reserved for personal use.

“I want all of society and the people listening to know that this is an extra push in the head-on fight we are giving against crime,” Boric said.

“We will stand firmer than ever with the aim of bringing peace of mind and security to the millions of Chilean men and women who inhabit our homeland,” the president concluded.

Medical cannabis has been legal there since 2015 and patients can be prescribed cannabis-based medicines by their doctor for certain pathologies.

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