The Academy of Medicine wants better information on CBD products

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The Academy of Medicine, usually not very friendly on the subject, asks in a press release published at the end of last week for better information on CBD products.

Recalling first of all what CBD is and the current regulation, the Academy offers:

  • that better information be presented on the products, with in particular the risks of drug interactions or the clear presence of THC for full-spectrum products, with warnings of potential positivity in the event of driving or for sportsmen / soldiers…
  • that a dose of 50mg/day is considered the maximum recommended daily dosage. Beyond that, the advice of a health specialist would be advised.
  • that a regulation finally harmonizes the rules for over-the-counter CBD products

The Academy of Medicine also calls for the implementation of studies to determine whether or not the consumption of smoked CBD constitutes a behavioral incitement to the use of cigarettes or joints.

The communication from the Academy comes as the Council of State is due to meet on Wednesday, December 14 to rule on the pending ban on the sale of hemp flowers and leaves to individuals.

Last January, the Council of State had indeed broken part of the decree of December 30, 2021 which wanted to prohibit the sale of CBD flowers. Taking advantage of a gray market, the CBD industry was relieved of this decision. She must now wait for a decision on the merits and will be fixed on her fate this week.

The opinion of the public rapporteur, who is only advisory, must also be delivered today, December 12, 48 hours before the hearing.

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