ST Dupont celebrates its 150th anniversary

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Well known in the world of smokers, the ST Dupont brand is also famous for small leather goods and writing accessories. This year, the house celebrates its 150th anniversary, the opportunity for us to present to you this French luxury brand with century-old know-how.

Luxury for 150 years

The brand was born in 1872 S.T. Dupont. For the record, its creator is none other than the photographer of Napoleon III, passionate about aesthetics and leather goods. Simon Tissot Dupont then decided to open his leather goods workshop in Paris at the age of 25.

Very quickly, his travel trunks became popular with the European elite. He then became a supplier to prestigious Parisian stores, but also made unique models on request. Empress Eugénie, for example, liked to order from her in order to obtain a tailor-made travel kit.

A know-how transmitted from father to son

ST Dupont had 2 sons who learned everything from their father. Naturally, they took over the business in 1919 and transferred the Parisian clothing workshop to Haute-Savoie, to Faverges. In order to gain a little more notoriety, the two brothers claim the purity of the place of manufacture for even more luxurious products.

The advantage of future generations lies above all in innovation since it is often thanks to them that products evolve. Thus, from 1930, a new technique of tanning with diamond powder offers a leather of much better quality and more resistant to temperature variations. In 1935, ST Dupont called on an expert in Chinese lacquer on metal to vary its products a little more. Since then, ST Dupont has continued to manufacture ever more innovative luxury products and sometimes even unique pieces, such as the Rivera handbag designed for Audrey Hepburn.

150 years in color

In 2022, the house celebrates its 150 years of know-how with a colorful range of products. Pastel pens, lighters and Mexican ashtrays as well as flashy notebooks, the 150th anniversary of the brand is a sign of celebration!

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