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Collectors and lovers of fine pipes, do you have any Dunhill special edition models in your ranks? Here are some essential pipes of the English brand, which denote with the classic models that it usually sells.

Christmas pipes

This is an exclusive collection dating from 1980. Since then, every year, a Christmas pipe is born with a different theme. Unique, they are generally very popular with collectors. The 1981 edition remains the rarest with less than 100 copies published, due to a pricing error.

If from 2006 to 2010, the stories of Charles Dickens were in the spotlight, since 2011, it is the turn of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King to highlight a character from the tale.

Zodiacal pipes

This other unique collection spans 12 years and showcases an animal from Chinese astrology. Every Chinese New Year, a Dunhill pipe celebrating the associated zodiac sign is marketed.

Titanic Limited Edition Pipe

Dunhill pipes limited editions on historical facts

In reality, it is the English battles that are in the spotlight. The Trafalgar pipe (2007 edition to celebrate the death of Admiral Nelson) was sold in 200 copies. In 2010 Dunhill commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain with a pipe made in 200 pieces. Five years later, it is the pipe celebrating the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo to be marketed in 300 copies.

Dunhill pipes in unique series

There are still many special Dunhill series. Some were made to pay tribute to important personalities, such as the Alfred Dunhill Windshield Motorities, reissued in 2019 in 120 copies or the Coronation of Queen Victoria in 2018 for the 180th anniversary of her coronation. Then, some pipes celebrate tales (Hansel & Gretel in 2016 in 200 copies), historical facts: The Terracotta Army in 2017 paying homage to the archaeological discoveries of a complete army in China or the Imperial Dragon in 2019, making once moreover a nod to Asia. The Titanic has not been forgotten with a dedicated pipe. There are more animal pipes, like the British Bulldog in 2015 or the Dalmatian Dog sold in 101 copies! Not to mention The Eiffel Tower (2007), considered the most luxurious in the world and many more.

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