Discover the Peter Charles Paris brand

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Paris is the capital of fashion and trendy accessories. Many designers are established there, such as Peter Charles, a leather craftsman who stands out with his high-end smoking products. Focus on this noble Parisian brand.

A rich cultural heritage

Peter Charles is a Parisian leather goods designer with deep-rooted influences. Indeed, his grandfather, himself a craftsman living in Burgundy, worked leather in an artisanal way, to make it a popular material through various creations. But Peter Charles also enjoyed observing the cobbler in his neighborhood. This awakened both his senses and his curiosity and creativity. The smell of leather, its touch and its texture have remained forever engraved in the genes of this craftsman.

Still very young Peter Charles already knew that he would make a trade around leather. At 18, self-taught, his passion allows him to follow an atypical path to achieve his dream with his fingertips. Meticulous and neat, his achievements have succeeded in seducing his clientele.

Discover the Peter Charles Paris brand

An atypical journey and racy products

Quickly familiar with “classic” leather, Peter Charles is passionate about exotic leather, whose patterns and colors are very diverse. He constantly creates and reinvents classics with his personal touch in which he systematically refers to his two mentors. Its smoking products are a perfect example of its success. Lighter covers, cigar cases, table ashtrays and much more will make you stand out to your friends or family.

These luxurious products are offered at an affordable price to allow everyone to afford a rare and precious object. Offer a cigar cellar Peter Charles Paris or even a table lighter from the brand and you are sure to surprise the person you want to please. The solitary ashtray, for example, will make its most beautiful effect on a desk. Don’t hesitate to match your wallet to your lighter cover, for example, for a winning combo!

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