Puff ban: what do you need to know?

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On September 3, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced that the Puff electronic cigarette would be banned. As part of the anti-smoking plan, this disposable e-cigarette is considered too dangerous. Decryption.

The Puff: the fashionable accessory on social networks

It was born across the Atlantic and crossed the ocean to invade the European market. The Puff is none other than a disposable electronic cigarette, with or without nicotine and allowing a limited number of puffs (between 300 and 600). In just a few months, she became the darling of teenagers.

Social networks have a lot to do with it, since it is thanks to them that this electronic cigarette has been so successful throughout the old continent and particularly in France. However, specifically targeting adolescents, it represents a real risk for this population. This is why the government wants to slow down sales in France.

For the moment, we only know that the Élysée is on a witch hunt for this disposable e-cigarette. During a press conference on September 3, Elisabeth Borne indicated that Puff would be banned on French soil, in order to fight against smoking. However, she also specified that the conditions for this deletion would be presented soon. According to her, even if some of them do not contain nicotine, Puff gives bad habits as well as bad gestures to young people, who could be tempted to turn to smoking.

A ban already pronounced in some European countries

Seductive packaging, an accessible price and fragrances that appeal to young people, the target audience for Puffs is truly teenagers. Except that this target must be protected from the harmful effects of tobacco. On the other hand, even if in theory, minors cannot buy this type of product, some tobacconists admit that they are not very careful and sell them even to the youngest. You should know that many governments have already limited or even banned the sale of Puff. This is particularly the case for Germany, Ireland and Belgium. We will therefore have to wait a little longer to see the contours and conditions of this ban in France emerge.

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