In Kentucky, the law on medical cannabis passes a first step

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The Kentucky House of Representatives in the United States has voted to legalize medical cannabis. The parliamentarians said “yes” by a large majority (59 votes for, 34 against), even if the House is largely controlled by the Republican right. This is a first step for this conservative state in the South, which has already tried several times to vote for access to cannabis for the sick.

If the law passes all the obstacles, it will be (very) strict. Patients suffering from certain diseases – epilepsy, cancer, chronic nausea, post-traumatic stress, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain – will be able to be prescribed cannabis. They must first receive a card to make their purchases. But they won’t be able to buy more than a month’s supply, and won’t be allowed to consume the cannabis by smoking it. Only flowers or extracts to be vaporized or ingested would be authorized. Also, self-cultivation is prohibited.

The deputy behind the text also acknowledged that it was much more “restricted” than he would have expected. Republican Jason Nemes had to compromise with “several deputies and several senators” to arrive at the final version. But he had no choice for the law to pass. It’s now done…well, almost.

The Republican Senate must now vote

Next stop: the Senate. For a law to become reality, it must go through three stages. First, pass the House of Representatives (done), then the Senate, and finally, receive the signature of the Governor of the State. The latter, Andy Beshear, has already said he is in favor of the legalization of medical cannabis. Everything therefore rests in the hands of the 38 senators from Kentucky.

The Republicans outrageously dominate the lower house. Donald Trump’s party controls 30 seats, compared to only 8 for the Democrats. The debates will be spiced up, with a fraction of the Great Old Party for medical cannabis… and another completely opposite.

Damon Thayer, the Republican Senate Majority Leader, warns that it will be difficult: “I’m not a fan of medical cannabis, but I won’t stand in the middle of it if the law is to pass. Anyway, obviously, there will not be enough votes. » Others still hope: We will surely have enough votes to pass this law in the Senate.wants to believe Republican Jason Howell.

Kentucky remains one of the last US states without a medical cannabis program. 37 of the other 49 states have already said “yes”.

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