Pipe or cigar tobacco: what’s the difference?

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You might think that the same tobacco is used for rolling cigars or smoking a pipe. However, this is false! We will explain to you why they are actually two different tobaccos.

Cigar tobacco

As you probably already know, the tobacco used for cigars comes from regions in Central America (Cuba, Caribbean, Dominican Republic), then in South America (Honduras, Nicaragua…). The cultivation methods, the rich soil as well as the ideal climatic conditions allow to obtain unique aromas and flavors. Cigar tobacco leaves are picked when ripe, then ferment for a long time.

Cigar tobacco leaves are picked when ripe, then ferment for a long time. Then, they are rolled whole for premium cigars. Regarding the slightly more accessible scrolls, it is possible to use chopped tobacco.

In any case, the tobacco of cigars will continue to age and give even more complex aromas when tasted. Indeed, even rolled, cigars are normally stored at optimum temperatures and humidity to allow all flavors to be retained.

Pipe tobacco

Opt for a tobacco pouch to keep your tobacco is an effective solution. Already dry, it does not need to be maintained at a particular humidity level.

The tobacco used for pipe smoking comes from several regions around the world. The two main ones are Turkey and North America. Then, it is divided into two categories: aromatic and non-aromatic. The former is sweeter in taste and is often supplemented with special flavors such as chocolate, rum, cherry or vanilla. As for the non-aromatic, it is more woody or earthy.

Pipe tobacco is actually a blend of different tobaccos, typically Virginia, Cavendish, Latakia, Oriental, Perique, and Burley. It is generally less intense and less racy than that used for cigars.

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