Quebec: the ban on cannabis autoculture will go to the Supreme Court of Canada

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It is soon the end of a (very) long court case that began in September 2019, that Newsweed follows diligently. Jannick Murray-Hall, in his thirties, wants Quebecers to have the right to grow cannabis in their homes. Problem: the law of the province of Quebec prohibits it. An incongruity, since in the rest of Canada (except Manitoba), it is allowed to grow four plants at home.

This affair is a waltz in a thousand times. First, Jannick Murray-Hall is convicted at first instance. Then this judgment is quashed by the Superior Court of Quebec. But the government appeals, and challenges the decision. The case therefore arrives before the Court of Appeal of Quebec, the highest court in the province. And the three judges finally agree with the government… and the self-cultivator must therefore be condemned.

It’s finish ? No. Not yet. “We’re getting ready for the third round: the Supreme Court of Canada! We keep you informed of any development », announces Murray-Hall’s lawyer, Maxime Guérin, on Facebook.

The accused is also the founder of Gorafi Quebecois

The case will therefore come to the Supreme Court of Canada. This time, it is certain: it is the last step. The Court, located in the capital Ottawa, is Canada’s highest court. When it renders a decision, it is automatically final. Jannick Murray-Hall will not have time to challenge it.

This case has become emblematic. On the one hand, by its length and its many twists and turns. On the other hand, because in the event of victory, Quebecers will be able to grow four cannabis plants at home. A measure eagerly awaited by lovers of pot – as they say there – who feel discriminated against compared to other Canadians. They can grow legally.

Finally, the case is also emblematic by the figure of the main accused. Jannick Murray-Hall is no stranger to Quebec. On the contrary. He is also the founder of Journal of Mourréal, a site parodying the sensationalist side of the tabloid The Journal de Montreal. But Gorafi Quebecois was forced to close in 2019, following complaints filed by the Montreal daily. Jannick Murray-Hall therefore has a revenge to take with justice, and intends to pocket a victory.

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