How do you recognize a quality pipe?

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As with many products, one might think that a high price is a guarantee of quality for the pipes. However, this is not always true. A pipe of quality varies according to the profiles of smokers. However, some elements are redundant. Here is how to recognize that a pipe is quality.

A question of price

There are some very expensive pipes and others that are more affordable. The lower price pipes are perhaps ideal to start, but quickly, the smoker will need a more qualitative accessory to obtain a more pleasant feeling.

Without paying 15,000 euros for your pipe, you will find excellent products starting at 80 euros.

The design material

Again, it is a matter of choice. However, many experienced pipe smokers are unanimous: briar is the most qualitative material for obtaining a good pipe. The older the heather, the greater the heat of combustion to achieve an ideal experience.

Of course, there are purists who will swear by corn or meerschaum pipes. Again, it’s all a matter of taste!

Complementary finishes and accessories

Waxed, natural, varnished, rustic, etc. There are many finishes for pipes. Some will prefer a more “shiny” rendering, others, more rustic and others still natural. The question of the aesthetic quality pipe is unique to each smoker.

On the other hand, we can easily say that a pipe is more qualitative than another if it is equipped with a 9 mm metal filter to optimize the aspirations. But then again, some smokers prefer to smoke without it, just as some prefer short rather than long pipes, made of ebonite rather than acrylic, etc.

To put it simply, a quality pipe will always depend on the tastes and expectations of each smoker. The redundant criteria are obviously the briar construction, the short pipes for outdoor smokers and long for indoor smokers, as well as the 9mm filters for the most part. As for the finish, many prefer the natural or waxed finish. And you ? What are your quality criteria for a pipe?

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