The Assembly rejects the proposal to legalize cannabis

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In an almost empty hemicycle, the majority wanted to be present to oppose the text. It would be a question of not doing a task by clumsily letting pass a proposal for the legalization of cannabis which does not correspond to the political orientation demanded by Emmanuel Macron and embodied by Gérald Darmanin.

About twenty amendments had been tabled to oppose the text, including one signed by Caroline Janvier, herself a signatory of the legalization proposal. “The technique of the parliamentary group” we are whispered in the ear, by which the deletion amendments tabled in the LREM group are considered automatically signed by the deputies, it is up to them or their collaborator to withdraw their signature.

Unsurprisingly, the proposal was rejected with 19 votes in favor and 54 against, with the adoption of the amendments removing the LREM group and François Jolivet, a fervent defender of prohibition and interior policy. Fun fact: between false modesty and moral panic, his amendment took the example of legalization in the Netherlands [ndlr : qui n’a jamais légalisé] and the failure of cannabis legalization in Canada where 58% of consumers now source their supplies from the legal market.

Jean-Baptiste Moreau, general rapporteur for the information mission on cannabis, intervened to support the text.

Some will see a glimmer of hope in the response of the LREM group to the legalization proposal which “considers the legalization of recreational cannabis to be premature to date” and would like “above all to organize a societal debate on the question of cannabis, in order to consult all citizens on its legalization. »

The group also calls for in-depth work on the issue.

“If the recreational use of cannabis were considered, it would be necessary to define the desired French model of regulated legalization, which takes into account both the successes and failures of foreign experiences and the political, historical and cultural specificities of our country. This is the meaning of the report of the joint fact-finding mission on the regulation and impact of the different uses of cannabis, which draws up a list of questions that the public debate must answer in order to legalize this substance (production and distribution, status to be given to self-production, methods for setting the price, “Evin” cannabis law, reintegration of former traffickers, etc.). »

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