Everything you need to know about the French luxury brand Elie Bleu

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Cigar lovers must know Elie Bleu, this French brand of luxury cigar accessories. If this is not your case, here is an article to find out.

Elie Bleu: know-how since 1976

Experts in woodwork of all kinds, Elie Bleu is a French craftsman capable of creating the most beautiful cases for your most precious objects. So this includes your jewelry, but also cigars. Quickly, the cigar world gave it pride of place and the aura of the brand spread throughout the world. Thanks to models that have become iconic, Elie Bleu has managed to seduce aficionados.

The love of wood: incomparable know-how

At Elie Bleu, the craftsmen work with wood while respecting this living material. They still use ancestral techniques to plan, sand, adjust, varnish, polish and take care of your creation. Whatever the type of rare wood worked, the actions remain meticulous. Gradually, the wooden block will reveal your unique creation.

It is this love of wood that will allow your craftsman to create the most beautiful pieces to store and protect your precious possessions. When it comes to your cigars, the humidors offered by Elie Bleu are on a whole new level.

Elie Bleu cigar accessories: elegance and originality

It is certainly the Casa Cubana collection that appeals so much to aficionados. This complete range offers models of cigar humidors in the shape of a typical Cuban house in several colors. To match it, you can also let yourself be seduced by lighters, ashtrays, cigar cutters or even cases.

Now established throughout the world, Elie Bleu is present on 5 continents. However, it has the most stores in Europe, the United States and Asia. Elie Bleu was also chosen to make rare objects for personalities, such as a pot of honey for Michelle Obama, a reliquary of Pascal’s Thoughts for Pope Benedict XVI and various other precious objects for the Élysée Palace.

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