What is a reamer and what is it used for?

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Little known, the reamer nevertheless has a certain use among pipe smokers. This cleaning accessory makes it possible to offer a longer life to your blower. Close-up on this maintenance product.

The reamer, what is it?

Reamers, also called reamers, are long accessories used by pipe smokers. Their role is important since they will come and take off the carbon crust which settles in the hearth over time. If this accessory is not essential, it can become so if you inherit an old family pipe that you want to use or if you have neglected the maintenance of one of your blowers.

Truth be told, a pipe smoker who maintains their pipe regularly won’t usually need a reamer. On the other hand, it will be a more than essential product for renovators or restorers. It saves time for stripping and also prevents damage to the hearth.

What is the role of a reamer?

As you use your pipe, a layer of carbon settles in the hearth. If it is not removed, it will shrink the hearth, to the point of preventing you from properly filling the hearth with tobacco.

The role of the reamer is to scrape the inside of the hearth of the pipe, in order to remove the layer of carbon. Even used regularly, it will not damage your pipe. It generally deviates to allow better scratching of the walls. On some models, there is a small removable part that hides a cleaning wick.

In general, using a reamer is very simple and requires only a little elbow grease. All the rest of the work is done by the tool itself! Although not essential, it does help smokers maintain their pipes well and saves time. It is therefore a rather interesting tool to have or to offer to one of your loved ones.

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