Cigarette holder, how does it work? Blog

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You have already seen it in many films or cartoons: the cigarette holder is a less and less common smoking accessory. However, its usefulness is proven. Let’s take a look at this funny object that is no longer used much.

What is a cigarette holder?

The cigarette holder is presented as a mouthpiece in which one comes to integrate his cigarette. More or less long and designed in various materials, it can be declined in various colors. It is an accessory generally more appreciated by women, the latter being more concerned about the appearance of their hands. Indeed, the role of a cigarette holder is simply to avoid having your fingers yellowed by tobacco. It goes without saying that it also allows you not to have the smell of cold tobacco on your hands every day. It is also widely used by women smokers in many films and even animations, such as 101 Dalmatians with Cruella from Hell.

On the other hand, some smokers are sometimes sensitive eyes, either because they have weaknesses, or because they wear contact lenses. The promiscuity of the smoke can then cause unpleasant tingling. By using a cigarette holder, the latter is kept away from the eyes and therefore avoids any irritation due to the smoke. To sum up, it is a practical and useful accessory in many cases.

Cigarette holder, how does it work? Blog

Using a cigarette holder: instructions

Using a cigarette holder is extremely simple. All you have to do is insert your cigarette filter side into your accessory. Be careful not to push it in too much for fear of breaking it. Also, make sure it is well maintained, otherwise it may fall.

You can then smoke your cigarette normally. The only difference is that you won’t bring the filter to your mouth, but the mouthpiece of your cigarette holder. The suction generally remains the same.

When you have finished smoking your cigarette, carefully extinguish it in the ashtray, then extract the butt. If your cigarette holder is equipped with an ejection system, then all you have to do is grab your accessory between your index and middle fingers, before pressing the end with your thumb. The cigarette butt will then fall into the ashtray on its own.

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