Cannabis Recipes: Tips for Cooking with Marijuana

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Cooking with marijuana is fun and gives you an amazing high. However, it can be dangerous if not done carefully. We have repeated on many occasions that the effects of consumed marijuana are greater than those of smoked marijuana. In addition, it takes longer to bequeath. Therefore, we always recommend eating a little and, if the effects are low, eating more. It is normal that, when you decide to create food with marijuana, you have some doubts. So we are going to give you some tips and tricks to make the experience beastly and safe. Let’s go there!

cook with marijuana

Cooking with marijuana: mind-blowing experience

If you have consumed the typical marijuana brownies or cookies, surely you already know that the experience is brutal. After this, many people decide to start cooking with marijuana themselves. Therefore, we leave you some tricks so that you can succeed in your first recipe with cannabis.

  • Get the most out of marijuana. The first thing you should know is that THC is responsible for causing you psychoactive effects. For this to take effect when cooked, it has to be mixed with some fat and heated. This can be oil, butter, cream … That is why all the recipes use one of these ingredients. Fat can absorb up to 80% of THC. However, if you decide to mix it with water, it won’t absorb more than 40%.
  • Be careful with the temperature. In many of the posts we publish about cooking with marijuana we advise that the temperature is not too high. If it exceeds 160 degrees, it is likely that you will lose part of the essential cannabinoids and, therefore, part of their effect.
  • How much quantity are we going to use. It is important to be careful with the amounts, we are not going to spend them. It is advisable to use half a gram of marijuana in bud for each person. Although if you consider that the marijuana you have is very powerful, it is better that you use a little less. In the event that you have made marijuana butter, our advice is to add less marijuana to the recipe. This should not be the same as if we cook with normal marijuana.
  • Time to take effect. We have explained on several occasions that cannabis taken by mouth takes longer to work than when it is smoked. Therefore, we must be patient and wait at least an hour after we have consumed it. When we notice the effect, if we consider that it is not enough, we can eat something else.

In our cannabis recipes section we have left a large number of really delicious recipes with which you will succeed with colleagues. But always with caution and wanting to have fun!

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