CBD: how long does it take?

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Since it has been released for sale, CBD has been very popular. But some questions still remain unanswered, in particular that concerning the time necessary to observe the effects on the organism. Decryption.

CBD: its actions on the body

CBD helps maintain the internal balance of the body. It plays an important role if you have trouble sleeping, suffer from anxiety, or have chronic pain, such as osteoarthritis or the like. The products of the CBD universe are very popular for this.

CBD comes in a variety of forms: ointments and gels for topical applications, oils for skin applications or for sublingual intake, tablets for swallowing, and heads for inhaling or smoking. Depending on the method of consumption, the effects may be more or less rapid.

The effects of CBD differ depending on how it is used. Likewise, its presence in the body varies from one person to another, but also according to the mode of use. It can stay in the body for up to 72 hours after being inhaled or smoked, while it would only stay in the body for 6 hours if you are using tablets.

CBD use

The best ways to use CBD to get the effects fast

The sublingual intake

Quick and effective, sublingual intake is also the easiest. It is enough to place the number of drops of CBD oil on the tongue so that it is captured by the mucous membranes and diffused in your body in a few minutes.


Smoked or vaped, CBD enters the body through the lungs. In a few minutes, it will be in the bloodstream and you will reap all the benefits.


Taking tablets does not allow very rapid diffusion since it is necessary to wait at least 2 hours for the capsules to be digested.

The cutaneous route

For a quick and local effect, the cutaneous route is ideal. However, it will be necessary to wait at least 1 hour 30 minutes for the cream to be absorbed and the effects to be felt.

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