Maison Beryola presents the first cannabis caviar for the end-of-year holidays

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As the end-of-year holidays approach, Maison Beryola unveils its pioneering creation, the very first hemp caviar. Founded in 2021 in the picturesque landscapes of Nouvelle Aquitaine, Maison Beryola is a company that merges historic hemp agriculture and cutting-edge technologies to create new products that respect the environment and health.

The creation of Maison Beryola started from a simple observation: most CBD-based products available on the market often lack diversity and come from beyond French borders. Co-founded by scientist Jérôme Bibette and his daughter Jeanne Bibette, the company was born from their shared vision of cultivating the original lands in the Landes, near Bordeaux. Their goal was to innovate a unique product, building on Mr. Bibette’s revolutionary inventions.

Both a flower grower on Ecocert certified land in the Hautes Landes and an extractor of essences, Maison Beryola ensures excellence throughout the production process, from seed to pearl.

French and organic hemp caviar, the result of two years of intensive research and development, is available for pre-order for the end-of-year holidays. This new range of pearls, called “Hemp Caviar”, offers three distinct blends of gourmet oils combined with their organic hemp flower extracts: one slightly sweet, the other more robust and pure hemp for the most passionate. .

Order your caviar in advance from November to offer it or enjoy it with your loved ones by clicking on this link.

Beryola pearls

Beryola House Pearls

Maison Beryola’s aspirations, however, go beyond the field of gastronomy. The company is actively developing new products focused on the documented benefits of cannabinoids, whether presented in beverages or orally, while respecting its core values ​​of taste and quality.

Maison Beryola’s journey illustrates a harmonious blend of innovation, tradition and sustainability, paving the way for a new era of organic hemp products in France. The introduction of his hemp caviar not only marks a culinary milestone, but also a testament to his dedication to eco-friendly and locally sourced creations, a celebration of heritage and innovation in a one and the same tasty pearl.

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