Cigar cases for everyone?

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As practical as they are aesthetic, cigar cases are essential for all smokers of volutes. We explain what a cigar case is for and how to find yours. Decryption.

The cigar case: transporting the swirls safely

His name speaks for itself. L’cigar case is a rigid accessory allowing cigars to be transported over a fairly short period of time, without damaging them. For example, if you know you have to go away for a day or two and enjoy a good cigar, you can carry it with confidence in a cigar case. Small and light, they slip into the pocket of a coat, a jacket or even a bag.

Cigar cases can be single, double or even larger. However, the most widespread are the doubles, since they make it possible to double the pleasure! Similarly, they can be made of leather, metal or plastic depending on the model. Be careful, they do not replace humidors! They are mainly used to protect your cigars during a short trip.

How to choose the right cigar case?

The first criterion to take into account is none other than the number of compartments required. If most of the time a case with 2 cigars is enough, maybe you will only need a simple case or a larger one (3 or 4 cigars)?

The second criterion will be more of the order of aesthetics. Indeed, cigar cases come in several colors, patterns and textures. Depending on your tastes, you might be attracted to one model over another. While some smokers like simplicity, others will be more inclined to choose a flashy cigar case. Let your personality do the talking to make your choice!

The third and final selection criterion will be the price. Again, there is a wide and very disparate price range. Depending on the brand, design material or sometimes the chosen model, the amount can be multiplied by 10!

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