A mother and her son create a “reverse edible” to lessen the effects of cannabis

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The legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts has led to an increasing number of people testing cannabis and its derivative products. Unfortunately, this experimentation can sometimes be accompanied by unexpected and unpleasant side effects, such as too strong an effect, anxiety or paranoia.

A mother-son duo from Boston have come up with a potential solution called “Soft Landing.” Eli Stoloff, a recent graduate of Cornell University, describes this product as a edible Inverted: Unlike traditional edibles that make consumers stone, Soft Landing gets them back down.

Stoloff explains that during his time at Cornell, he heard stories of students consuming edibles without having a way to come down quickly from the state of euphoria in which they found themselves. THE ediblesinclude cannabis-infused foods such as candies or the famous space caketake between 30 minutes and 2 hours to take effect and can spread their influence for up to 4 hours, leaving some people either amazed at the rise time or lost by the fall that does not come.

A chocolate bar to come down

Stoloff and his mother, Alice Stone, have created a chocolate bar that allows cannabis users to better control their state of euphoria. Ms Stone, an entrepreneur specializing in alternative healing methods, came across a medical journal article describing a naturally occurring molecule found in various herbs and spices, which could for example be akin to the effect of black pepper on THE highs a bit too potent, known to reverse the effects of THC.

“After many attempts and adjustments, we have arrived at the final formula that effectively delivers the maximum amount of this molecule,” Stoloff explained to CBS NewsBoston.

To validate their product, they conducted a medical survey of Soft Landing, which found that 80% of respondents rated it as “effective” or “very effective.”

Sean Hope, interviewed by CBS News Boston, became an investor after trying chocolate himself. He said he felt balanced and felt immediate effects. He concluded that it worked.

Stoloff and Stone are confident they’ve discovered the right formula for success. Stoloff said, “I believe we have a winning product and together we can achieve great things.”

Soft Landing is about to enter the market in Massachusetts and is actively seeking additional investment to increase production.

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