The different solutions for maintaining your cigar equipment

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Being a cigar consumer and having several at home requires specific equipment for cigar maintenance. Whether it’s the accessories or the cigars themselves, maintenance ensures the durability of the stems and equipment. Let’s do a check in.

Maintaining the humidor

In addition to the right temperature, the cigar humidor must also have an optimized humidity level. For this, it is necessary to have a humidifier in the humidor. This must be remoistened once a month if it is an acrylic crystal model. For this, there are specific liquids. For other models, remember to change the refill according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can also use gel beads or humidifier crystals.

It is also strongly recommended to use separators in your cellar to avoid the rapid spread of fungi should this unfortunately happen to you. Don’t forget to place tobacco beetle traps for prevention or targeted treatment.

Finally, renovation solutions also exist to periodically maintain your humidifiers. This helps maintain healthy air and regenerate the surfactant products in your humidifiers.

Maintaining cigars that are already damaged

Has air that is too dry or too humid in your humidor spoiled your cigars? Don’t panic, maybe they can still be saved. If the wrapper on your cigars seems loose, there is cigar repair glue. These small bottles are equipped with 100% natural food-grade glue to restore your scrolls. Sold alone or in kits, they allow you to give a second life to your cigars by regluing the loosened parts.

Unfortunately, if your cigars have already been affected by moisture fungus, their taste may be very altered. On the other hand, it is very strongly recommended not to smoke them, as it could be harmful to your health in addition to having a very unpleasant taste.

Don’t forget to turn your cigars every 15 days when you keep your humidor open in order to regenerate the ambient air inside.

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