Barcelona: a new hope for Cannabis Clubs?

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In Barcelona, ​​Cannabis Clubs cling to a new hope to keep their doors open: to be governed by a “private social club” license.

Last July, the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) decided that only the Spanish central government had the power to regulate cannabis clubs. Since then, the Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona, ​​accused by the TSJC of being spaces “likely to encourage the commission of crimes”, have been in danger of disappearing.

Last October, the Guardia Civil also began an inspection of the Clubs in anticipation of the closure of some of these premises.

A legal response for Barcelona’s cannabis clubs

However, as reported elDiarioARthe CatFAC (Confederation of Federations of Cannabis Associations) which represents the Clubs with the municipality has found a way to keep the Clubs open.

By registering under a “private social club” license, establishments will be able to continue their activity without meeting the previous requirements (distance from schools, ventilation, etc.).

Addressing elDiarioAR, Eric Asensio, spokesman for CatFA explained that “the current scenario is a throwback, similar to when this activity was not regulated in the city. We know that new premises are opening that do not meet the requirements previously requested by the City Council”.

What specific changes will cannabis associations face? They will not be able to offer cannabis visibly, display prices, or anything that may “promote” its use.

And, while members can source cannabis from clubs, they will need to do so in a “less obvious” way.

For its part, the town hall of Barcelona warns that it will strengthen the controls.

“The monitoring of cannabis associations and clubs will be reinforced. As well as the capacity for inspection and administrative intervention to ensure compliance with the regulations that concern them and prevent nuisance for neighbors or public health offences,” she warned.

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