South Park’s Latest Episode Shines a Light on Inequalities in the Cannabis Industry

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South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone never shy away from laughing at cannabis. They did, however, get a little more serious in last week’s episode by addressing the issue of inequality in the US legal industry.

In the February 9 episode, Randy Marsh, white owner of Tegridy Farms, a fictional cannabis farm that has appeared in previous episodes, realizes that there are strong inequalities in the cannabis industry. Marsh discovers this while attending a conference and sees that some people are boycotting cannabis companies that don’t employ people of color.

So Marsh invites the only black couple in town, called the Blacks, to enjoy “farm-fresh hemp salad from here in Tegridy.” He even takes an interested photo of the dinner party and his guests to post, saying, “Look at our friends,” as seen in a clip from the episode titled “The Big Fix.”

The Blacks bluntly ask Marsh if they were invited just because they are Black, pointing out that they have received numerous dinner invitations over the past year, with the hosts invariably taking photos which are then posted on Instagram.

During the evening, Randy Marsh manages to convince Steve Black, financial consultant, to come and inspect his farm. But when Black sees himself on a billboard, with Tegridy boasting that “sales are going crazy right now,” Black gets upset at being used for the money and with no real intention of advancing. fairness.

Marsh then tries to buy Black’s stake (and silence) with a wad of cash allegedly from the profits of the new ad. Black agrees to stay, knowing he’s been turned into a commodity.

As Black tries to come up with ideas to improve the business, which are quickly rejected, he realizes the money just isn’t worth it. Tired of this charade, Black reacted by opening his own 100% black-owned cannabis business, Credigree Weed, directly across from Tegridy Farms, much to Marsh’s dismay and anger.

South Park fiction is based in Colorado, which legalized recreational cannabis a decade ago and medical cannabis in 2000.

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