Where to buy the best Swiss CBD? Sixty8, the benchmark brand!

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Switzerland is one of the pioneer countries in Europe regarding the production and sale of legal cannabis. In Switzerland, cannabidiol – more commonly known by its abbreviation CBD – has been legal since 2011, compared to only 2019 in France. Swiss hemp is therefore the result of early and anticipated expertise.

It is thanks to this precocity in terms of production that Switzerland now has one of the best CBD in Europe. Many products derived from the CBD flower have been developed in the Swiss Alps, which stand out for their superior quality. Oils, capsules, treatments, e-liquids: nothing seems to stop the research and development of Swiss experts, who spread trends and create new varieties.

It is therefore not surprising that in France, the purchase of Swiss CBD seems more advantageous in terms of quality and price. Sixty8 is a Swiss brand that offers a wide range of high quality products at affordable prices. The company is based on values ​​such as transparency and innovation in order to offer the best of cannabidiol. It has now become a benchmark brand, particularly in France, where it supplies many consumers.

Why is Swiss CBD so popular?

The best of CBD, the best of benefit

If cannabidiol (CBD) is so popular today, it is in particular for its many benefits for the body and the mind. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive chemical compound, naturally present in Cannabis Sativa L plants. It has many therapeutic effects on the body that justify its varied use. CBD is used in particular to relieve chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders. It has also been shown to help reduce inflammation, decrease seizures, and improve mental well-being. In other words, cannabidiol appears as a new public health issue.

In Switzerland, brands like Sixty8 take it to heart to develop products that will have a real effect on the body. While respecting the legislation in force, it is a question of designing CBD products which make it possible to tend towards general well-being. Switzerland has extremely advanced expertise when it comes to creating CBD-concentrated cannabis strains that provide noticeable effects. Unlike French production, which suffers from a fairly significant delay in terms of development and innovations concerning hemp, Swiss CBD is constantly evolving.

CBD in all its forms

Often, quality can be seen in the diversity of products, a guarantee of innovation. The benchmark brand, Sixty8, updates its products every week and presents its consumers with the latest innovations, resulting from the research of their experts.

The purchase of Swiss CBD in France can be done in different forms, thanks to the development of many derivative products that target specific needs. Among the most popular:

  • Swiss CBD flowers, which often come from a so-called “Indoor” culture, that is to say enclosed, which allows monitoring and optimization of flowering. In short, more taste, more effects
  • CBD oil, in topical application, by sublingual administration or by ingestion, which acts effectively against pain, anxiety and stiffness. Sixty8 also offers hemp oils blended with other natural ingredients to optimize the effects on the body. Capsules also allow for daily microdosing.
  • The Swiss CBD hash, made using the traditional method
  • Food (tea, sweets, etc.), which allow you to relax while enjoying a taste experience
  • E-liquids, which are made with cannabidiol from Swiss hemp crops.

In short, to buy quality CBD, you should not make a cross on diversity. Each need has a different form of administration of cannabidiol. Sixty8 is one of the leading brands that develops and distributes new products.

Where to buy Swiss quality CBD?

CBD specialty stores

CBD specialty stores are shops that are exclusively dedicated to selling CBD products. These stores typically sell a wide range of products, such as CBD oils, flowers and hashes, capsules, creams and infused drinks.

They have the advantage of offering more direct customer service. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to find specialized stores that are dedicated solely to Swiss cannabidiol. Sixty8 has opened a store in Toulouse, France, but the easiest way is still to have it delivered via an online store if the possibility of going there is impossible.

CBD online stores

Online CBD stores offer many advantages over brick-and-mortar stores. First, they are usually open 24/7, allowing customers to purchase CBD products any time of the day or night. But the most obvious advantage lies above all in the supply capacity of e-shops.

These often offer a wider selection than brick-and-mortar stores, making it easy for customers to compare different products and choose the one that suits them best. Finally, online CBD stores often offer promotions and discounts that can help customers save money on their purchases.

Sixty8 provides very easy access to cannabidiol products designed in Switzerland. Thanks to e-shops, it becomes very easy to buy the best quality CBD and have it delivered in France. A few clicks and it’s done…

Supply yourself with Swiss CBD

The purchase and delivery of CBD in France does not only concern individuals. Resellers often need large quantities for their shop. Oils, hash, flowers, e-liquids, accessories, a reseller will need a wholesaler who knows how to fill all the gaps in his shop. Sixty8, aware of its leading position, provides resellers with advice and catalogs with wide choices that allow the wholesale of Swiss CBD.

An advantageous purchase

Respect the environment

To have beneficial effects on the body, cannabidiol must be cultivated with care. Sixty8 is committed to offering high quality products while respecting the environment. The brand has, since its inception, carefully selected the best organic CBD products, so that consumers can enjoy the benefits of this natural plant without worrying about chemicals or pesticides. As CBD becomes more and more popular, it is important to choose quality cannabidiol from environmentally friendly cultivation. Sixty8 offers the assurance of reliable and ecological products: the best of CBD, in short.

Legal compliance

According to European and Swiss legislation, it is legal to cultivate and sell cannabis containing CBD for medical or industrial purposes, provided that the level of THC (the psychoactive substance present in cannabis) is lower than 0.2%. .

In Switzerland, the legal limit is 1%. You should therefore always turn to reliable Swiss CBD shops, such as Sixty8, before buying products containing cannabidiol. CBD delivered to France must not exceed the French legal limit.

By choosing Sixty8, consumers can be assured of obtaining CBD flower, oil, hash that complies with European and Swiss legislation. The company also offers attentive customer service and expert advice to help customers choose the products that are right for them.

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