The Call of 18 joints is this weekend!

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While the heat will be in full swing this weekend throughout France, the traditional 18 joints event will be held in Paris and Poitiers to denounce “the hypocrisy and social violence caused by the repression” of drugs in general and cannabis in particular.

This rally will celebrate the 29th anniversary of the International Day for the Legalization of Cannabis, and wishes to denounce “the politics of numbers” totally ineffective and counterproductive.

It will also be an opportunity to pay tribute to Eric Chapel, founder of the PAKA ‘n Cie Association and the first Chanvre et Cie store in Montreuil, an emblematic figure of the pro-hemp movement in France who recently disappeared, and to commemorate the disappearances of Mathieu “Onyrix” and Philippe “Phix”, pro-cannabis activists who also left too soon.

According to the organizers, “it is urgent to demand the decriminalization of the use of psychotropic drugs and the reform of the French law of December 31, 1970. For the right to self-produce for domestic use, generalized access to cannabis at medical aim, the regulation of the cannabis market to get out of the total failure of the policy in force for 52 years”.

The Poitiers event:
The Paris event:

Press contacts:
Farid GHEHIOUECHE: 07 51 35 02 34

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