Where do Blunt sheets come from?

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Blunt leaves are becoming popular with smokers. Rolling your cigarette in a tobacco leaf increases the aromas tenfold. But do you know what a blunt leaf is and where it comes from? We explain everything to you.

What is a Blunt Sheet?

Blunt leaf is ordinarily a natural tobacco leaf, used for rolling cigarettes. It therefore replaces the very famous rolling paper with sometimes questionable substances.

Some Blunt leaves are also flavored to flavor your tobacco! Thus, you can vary the pleasures by not changing the rolling tobacco, but by changing the flavor of your Blunts. For some years now, it has also been possible to find hemp Blunt sheets.

What is the origin of Blunt leaves?

To know the origin of Blunt leaves, it is necessary to jump to the 19th century and fly to the Caribbean side. It is indeed in this part of the world that smokers used tobacco leaves to roll their various cigarettes.

The supply of rolling papers was scarce and these products remained expensive. This is how smokers found the idea of ​​using local and natural raw materials to continue enjoying their rolling tobacco.

At the same time, cheaper cigars were offered on the American market. They were rods rolled in a thinner wrapper and with a rounded tip. Their name ? The Blunts! More accessible to the general public, their popularity has continued to grow with a large blunt sheet choice today. The beginning of the 20th century marked the rise of Blunts on the market and many brands then launched into the manufacture of this type of cigar.

The popularity of the Blunts

In the 80s and 90s, Blunt’s sheets were very popular, especially in the American rap scene. In order to go unnoticed, some smokers used Blunts to camouflage illicit substances and give the illusion of smoking cigars.

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