What is the dress code for smoking cigars?

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Savoring a cigar is a moment suspended in time. And some people impose a dress code to fit perfectly with this privileged moment. And you ? What type of cigar smoker are you?

Black and white certainly

The fashion for smoking a cigar in a tuxedo and tie or bow tie comes straight from the UK and dates back to the Victorian era. The volutes being a sign of refinement, it was also necessary to do them honor by being dressed for the occasion.

This trend continues to this day. Many known places require correct dress required to come and consume its stems. The tuxedo is therefore the favorite outfit of many smokers: the suit remains the dress code number 1 which is accompanied bya choice of cigar accessories very large.

The plaid shirt

Besides the entrepreneurial style, many hipsters also smoke cigars. Dress is more casual here. Jeans and a plaid shirt provide flawless everyday comfort. However, the cigars remain of good quality and we discuss just as well volutes around a high-end spirit.

Beards, tattoos and silver rings complete the range of this type of no less seasoned smoker. Pleasure above all: smoking a cigar is a moment of your own, during which you don’t bother with a particular dress code.

Chinos and jacket

It’s not just hipsters or businessmen who smoke cigars. The dandies too! This is why there is also a dress code between the two styles. Less staid than the black and white costume, but more dressy than the hipster style, the dandy look also fits very well with the cigar.

It must be said that many young people are now starting to smoke cigars and their favorite outfit is that of the young worker: halfway between that of the office and that of the city.

What about women?

No, ladies, you have not been forgotten in this article. Whatever outfit you wear, you always sublimate the cigar! Tailors and shirt, little black dress or more casual outfit, it’s up to you to decide according to your mood.

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