What are the different types of pipe filters?

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Just like cigarettes, pipes are equipped with filters to reduce the toxicity of tobacco. However, there are a number of them. Here are the different types of pipe filters to choose the best.

All about the different pipe filters

the pipe filter is inserted at the end of the pipe, in the part which accommodates the rod. There are 4 different types of pipe filters, but their role is the same: to filter the nicotine and tar present in tobacco.

The 9 mm filter

These are the most widely used pipe filters. As the name suggests, the 9mm filter measures 9mm in diameter. It is used on pipes with a suitable pipe and is composed of small balls of activated carbon or sometimes sea foam. The particularity of 9 mm filters is that they provide a drier and more pleasant smoke. They change after 3 or 4 uses at most.

Metal filters

This is a zero waste pipe filter. Made of metal, it fits into the rod and attaches to the pipe. Its shape can vary in order to adapt to different models of pipes. Besides retaining harmful particles, it will cool the smoke for a more pleasant experience.

The metal pipe filter is easily cleaned with water or alcohol. It is a very efficient ecological and economical system. Its lifespan is very long.

4 mm paper filters

These small rolled paper tubes are for single use only. In addition to the tars, paper filters also absorb some of the moisture. However, they can hinder your little privacy by providing an unpleasant feeling.

Balsa filters

These filters are the work of Savinelli. These are small filters cut from Balsa: a porous and light wood. They are found in 6 or 9 mm. In addition to purifying the smoke, they also dry it out. The triangular shape allows good air passage. They fit all Savinelli pipes, but also others!

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