What are the differences between hemp and CBD?

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If CBD is none other than cannabis without THC, what is hemp which also comes from the same family and has no recreational effect? Can we say that CBD and hemp are the same? To be honest, not quite. Here are the differences between these two plants.

Hemp, what is it?

Hemp is the first plant to have been domesticated by humans. Today, it is still cultivated, especially for making clothes, cosmetics and oils. It grows rapidly and the cultivation of hemp is simply licensed. However, it is completely legal.

The plant itself is completely identical to classic cannabis, which is prohibited. However, hemp does not have any psychotic substances (its THC level is less than 0.3%). It is for this reason that its cultivation is legal.

What are the differences between hemp and CBD?

What is CBD?

In reality, CBD is not a plant. It is simply a molecule contained in cannabis, just like THC. Nonetheless, CBD has no recreational effect. On the other hand, it is recognized for its soothing and relaxing effects.

CBD is extracted in the form of a flower and oils that can sometimes be used in treatments, balms, candies and other related products. Unlike hemp oil which does not contain CBD, CBD oil contains terpenes and flavonoids.

But then what are the differences between the two?

These two substances come from the same plant and can be made almost the same. But hemp comes from the seeds, while CBD comes from the plant itself. The latter is much more expensive than hemp oil. On the other hand, the expected effects are different. CBD also contains cannabinoids that hemp lacks.

The effects of hemp are excellent for your health, but it has little influence on the relaxing and calming side that CBD can offer. In contrast, hemp contains arginine, which is great for helping lower blood pressure.

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