Discovering pipe accessories

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Smoking a pipe is not just about sitting with your puff in your hand to taste your tobacco. There is a whole ritual around it, allowing you to appreciate this moment for yourself. Smoking invites you to discover which accessories are necessary for any pipe smoker.

The essential pipe accessories

To smoke a pipe, you obviously need a pipe and some tobacco. But it also requires some additional tools. Here are which ones.

The pipe stuffer or pipe cleaner

The pipe-tamper, also called a pipe-cleaner, is an accessory allowing you to pack the tobacco in the hearth of your mouth-burner. It is important, because too little or too much tobacco will not burn properly. But its double name also refers to its dual use. Often represented as a Swiss army knife, this accessory also allows you to remove excess tobacco and ash to clean your pipe as it should.

Discovering pipe accessories

The lighter or matches

It may seem implied, but the pipe lighter is definitely part of it. essential pipe accessories for any smoker. Its flame is specifically designed to light the tobacco in your smoker in complete safety. Of course, you can also use the special pipe matches!

Accessories to protect your pipe

The tobacco pouch or the carrying case

Do you travel often? Do you need to transport your pipes for a weekend or a business trip? Avoid the pockets of your jackets which can damage your pipe blowers, not to mention the fact that you can also perfume them with the smell of cold tobacco… The tobacco pouch or storage cases remain the best transport accessories for pipes.

The pipe holder

Whether you only have one pipe or you have several, know that a pipe holder avoids the risk of falling and premature wear of your blowers. In addition, they are very elegant!

Other pipe accessories

For the maintenance of your pipes, there are specific products to clean them without damaging them. On the other hand, filters being accessories to be changed regularly, make the right choice among balsa, meerschaum, coal and many others!

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