Towards a Cuban Cigars Shortage?

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The word shortage is currently on everyone’s lips. After toilet paper during confinement, it is currently the turn of food and fuel. But aficionados and experts in the field also announce a shortage of cigars … Explanations.

The Covid effect slowed down production

Like the rest of the world, Cuba has suffered the health crisis linked to Covid-19. Even if the population is mostly vaccinated with a rather effective local vaccine, activity is still in its infancy on the Cuban island and its capital of Havana. In addition to feverish businesses, the supply system is also sluggish, sometimes causing delivery delays.

The biggest cigars as well as the exclusive collections are missing. 5th Avenue Trading, the importer of Cuban cigars for part of Europe has claimed since January 2020 that limited editions are hard to come by. The current situation is even more worrying since nearly 90% of Cuban cigars are out of stock in many French specialty shops. The Robustos have disappeared from circulation, as have the larger modules.

Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, it is now very difficult to find large cigars in the best civets. It may even happen that many cigars are still missing from some specialists.

What are the reasons for this shortage of cigars?

In the first place, the ancestral methods preserved do not make it possible to meet the very strong world demand. Then, the supply difficulties linked to the Covid and the excessively expensive prices offered by the carriers are also a major problem.

Finally, the sanitary conditions on the island are also an aggravating factor since since January 2021, only half of the workforce is present in the factories. Being an artisanal activity, it is not possible to replace Man by a machine. On the other hand, the strong demand created by the confinement is also responsible for overconsumption in recent months.

However, even when they drop in, the cigars cross the Atlantic. But, the increase in demand, the decrease in production and noise from the corridors are enough to make consumers flock to the scrolls en masse, creating a real shortage.

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